About Us

The Root Cellar was born out of a desire to be part of the local food chain in an environmentally positive and socially conscientious way.  There are many ways to buy locally-raised farm-fresh products in Louisville, but there was a missing link in the food supply chain: the retail storefront. The Root Cellar has two missions:

  • To provide the highest quality, local, direct-from-the-farm produce to the Louisville Community.
  • To provide an alternative, healthy choice for food consumption to the people of the South and West Ends of Louisville (food deserts).

The neighborhood of Old Louisville has been in need of a small, Mom-and-Pop retail store for many years. The people have longed for a new idea in retailing that The Root Cellar provides. In Germantown, the response from the neighborhood association has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are pleased with the opportunity to serve that community. We also are anxious to reach out to the other surrounding neighborhoods like California, Park Hill, Algonquin, Smoketown, Shelby Park, Limerick, Butchertown, the Highlands, as well as the University of Louisville and its unique blend of faculty, staff and students.

Many stores talk about locally sourced products, but The Root Cellar is 100% local farm-fresh food. Every product at The Root Cellar is sourced within 150 miles, as this brings both economic and environmental benefit. Local people buying local products — that’s the Kentucky Proud way!